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In the Press

Saratoga Biochar

Moreau Planning Board approves controversial biochar project

WRITTEN BY Jana DeCamilla

MOREAU — The Moreau Planning Board on Thursday voted 4-2 to approve the carbon fertilizer factory proposed for the town’s industrial park.

Saratoga Biochar

Moreau planning board approves fertilizer plant


MOREAU – Despite protests and thousands of petitions, the fertilizer plant in Saratoga County will be making it’s home location in the town of Moreau.

Saratoga Biochar

Moreau: Multi-Million Dollar Project Delayed, Again

WRITTEN BY Tyler Murray, Saratoga TODAY newspaper

MOREAU ­ — On Monday, June 20, Saratoga Biochar Solutions will once again be in front of the Moreau Planning Board to discuss the construction of a new waste management plant in the Moreau Industrial Park. The current site plan, filed in 2021 with the Moreau Planning Board, entails a $29 million-dollar state-of-the-art facility aimed toward treating a dirty problem – the disposal of human waste. The site plan was filed by Saratoga Biochar Solutions, a biosolids company with ambitious aspirations. 

Saratoga Biochar

Letter to the editor: Saratoga Biochar is good for area

WRITTEN BY Bill Austin, Moreau, organizer – Plumbers & Steamfitters UA Local 773

As a resident of Moreau and as a representative for labor, I fully support the Saratoga Biochar project. Not only will they be creating good-paying jobs with benefits right here in our area which will employ our friends, families and neighbors, but they’ll be producing an environmentally beneficial product. In addition to putting carbon back into the soil and not the atmosphere, their carbon fertilizer is a safe substitute for harmful chemical fertilizers that already pollute our waterways.

Saratoga Biochar

Misinformation in Moreau – Saratoga Biochar Looks to Clear the Air

WRITTEN BY Staff Report

Moreau — Since its creation more than two decades ago, the Moreau Industrial Park’s sole tenant (chemical manufacturer Hexion) may finally be getting a neighbor and it is causing some controversy.

Saratoga Biochar

Saratoga BioChar executives seek to clear the air on Moreau Industrial Park proposal

WRITTEN BY Jana DeCamilla

MOREAU — The executives of Saratoga BioChar Solutions are eager to share information about their facility proposed for the Moreau Industrial Park before the public hearing rescheduled for May 12 at 7 p.m.

Saratoga Biochar

Growth sparks conflict over Moreau industrial park


MOREAU, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In August of 1994, 243 acres of land were acquired by the town of Moreau, zoned for heavy industrial use, and designated as the Moreau Industrial Park. That park was divided into 26 shovel-ready lots, one of which soon became home to Hexion, an adhesive manufacturer that’s called a lot home since 1997.

Saratoga Biochar

The Future is Green: The Growing Eco Economy


“Charmed” isn’t a word one expects to hear from climate experts, but Kathleen Draper, a member of the International Biochar Initiative’s board and US Director of the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence, has coined the word “biocharmed” to describe reactions to the emerging use of biochar technology.

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