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Interviews with the Team

Below are some brief informational videos addressing prior stated public concerns.


The Business of Biochar

Recording of Radio Interview with KKFI Community Radio on March 20, 2023.

Solving the Biosolids Problem

BioSolids vs. Sewage

Safety on the Truck Route

Pyrolysis & PFAS

Pyrolysis is an important step in the Saratoga Biochar Solutions process, but it’s not the step of the process that removes harmful PFAS… CEO Raymond Apy and President Bryce Meeker explain here the role of pyrolysis in the process, and which step of that process actually destroys the PFAS.

Negative Carbon Footprint

Saratoga Biochar Solutions has been determined to have a Negative Carbon Footprint. What does this mean, and why is it important? CEO Raymond Apy has the answer.

The Road to Approval

Saratoga Biochar Solutions has undergone a number of trials in their attempt to obtain the town of Moreau’s approval for their project… But there’s still more to do. CEO Raymond Apy describes here the challenges SBS has faced along the way, and what’s to come – and why obtaining a “Negative Declaration” was actually a good thing.

Protecting the Environment

The principle goal of Saratoga Biochar Solutions’ entire process is to help protect the environment – not only by producing a clean, Grade A carbon fertilizer at the end of their process, but also by remediating all potential emissions and pollution possible throughout it… CEO Raymond Apy, COO Lee Wulfekuhle, and President Bryce Meeker explain here their project’s dedication to protecting the environment.

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